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Removing posts


I just opened an email from ''saneforum team" @Psyc saying they'd removed a post / picture I don't recall posting (men and a blue flag r something). 

I was wondering if more details or a link could be sent with these accusing emails so we can

1. Find out what we're talking about and learn from it rather than just put down.

2. Fix it and repost (which you SAY is wanted but without a way to find the offending post to do so...)





Re: Removing posts

@EOR  I have had this issue they have said fix it but you cant find the post and dont even know what you did wrong. I got introuble over an annalogly once and sometimes it is just a bit much but the least they could do is tell you what the problem is. 

Re: Removing posts

Hi @Eden1919, I find it easier not to bother interacting with them. They cause me more grief than any contributor. There's no empowerment, equality. Ive had possible removed for llessthan many allowed. Depends whose on. I stay off forums / avoid some ppl who make me feel targeted. Its not good but try work with what I can control. Thanks for the empathy though. Are you doing ok? Sorry, but I can't remember histories well 💜

Re: Removing posts

@EOR  Yes I find them very distressing if I am honest and it really does make you feel powerless when you send all that time typing up intense feelings or thoughts only to have them removed over one word or something that has been interpreted incorrectly. I am ok thank you. I hope you are going well. 

Re: Removing posts

Hi @EOR @Eden1919, sorry to hear that you've experienced some challenges on the forum. We're always open to working with members to discuss ways in which we can improve, so that we can better meet the needs of the community. If you'd like to discuss your concerns further, please feel free to email us at


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