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Eden1919 - profile picture

feeling very burnt out.

Hi sorry I really need to rant a bit. I have been crying all day and i am so tired i havent been sleeping lately and i have so much uni work to do i am beside myself i am ... Read more

florenceforty - profile picture

Mildly freaking out.

I had a doctor's appointment, but I couldn't make it. I asked for it to be done over the phone instead. The number on my system is incorrect, so I gave them my new n ... Read more

sanca - profile picture

Loneliness pursuing success.

Hi,This is my first post, I started to write a little be when ever I feel depressed trying to let out what is in my mind.I heard once that our achievements are not only o ... Read more

Ricardorider - profile picture

Depression PTSD and family

Its late as i type. HAd password issues which took a while to resolve. Didnt hewlp my feeling flat as a tackAm in my late 50's now. Dont feel it dont look it (Good genes) ... Read more

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