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Looking after ourselves

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

-emptied all cupboards and scrubbed them
- cleaned all the splashbacks
-cleaned the over
-restocked cupboards with newer and extra essential items

-scrubbed the bath, sinks, toilet and walls.
-washed the floors
-cleaned out the cupboards and restacked properly.

-most of the washing is done
- folded and stocked linen closet.

spare room
- stacked things properly and general tidy up

dining room
-cleaned table and general tidy ups

-front yard mowed and tidied.

still to do tomorrow- rest of the washing, my room, pops room, back yard needs mowing and a tip run.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Wow @outlander that's an incredible list of stuff done!

I had a shocker today, and have stuff to do tonight.

Have big waves of very bad thoughts and don't know how to pick myself up.

@Teej @Adge @Molliex @Appleblossom @Hamsolo01 @Shaz51 and anyone else around.

What I need to do:

  • washing
  • ironing
  • sweeping
  • tidying

What I am doing:


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in


Funny gif. Me 2

I am putting piano back on my daily list for this week. See how I go.


@outlander Knock em down sista!  You are so organised for your trip away to hospital.Heart

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@outlander, I find music helps me get through the household chores. as boring and repetitive it is, I try to make it as fun as possible. also u don't have to tick them all off in a day, it's ok if u only get a few done. it's progress and that's what counts

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

I meant that for @frog. apologies. new here trying to figure out how it all works

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Thanks @octavia totally agree re music! What have you got on today?

I'm about to walk to the garden shop to see if there's anything to be done about an ongoing pest problem. I'm also catching up with my daughter. Also on my list:

  • Shower
  • Physio exercises
  • start packing for a weekend away
  • sweep my back courtyard
  • put up some fairy lights in my front courtyard
  • cook a double dinner so I don't have to think about Monday's

How's eveyone fairing on all their tasks today? Hope it's going ok.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@frog your welcome 😁 my day goals:


cleaning floors

washing walls 

painting walls

decluttering spare room

take the dogs to the beach

doing my tax

general tidy up


what pest problem do u have? I have a few solutions, pending the pest

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

awesome list @octavia (and also welcome to you!) and @frog 🌻🌻

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Well I had almost given up on being able to replace my birds (get new ones) - after I lost so many, when the water hopper failed (2 weeks ago).

Yet it's so depressing, looking at any empty aviary (with them gone).

So out I went this morning, to give it another try (after several attempts & searches).

I came home with 4 new Goldfinches (after losing all 3), & 1 new Red-Faced Parrotfinch (after losing the only one I had).

I still cannot find any Bengalese, to replace my lost ones - the sole survivor is on his own (at the moment).

Yet that was a good start, with unexpected positive results.


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Plans today:

- do yesterday's dishes

- lodge my tax return - DONE!

- clean the table, and clean the floor in the spare room - Started

- pokemon go, maybe do a 1star raid

- play some switch

- prepare stuff/notes for psych session

- play some music - DONE

- water the plant - DONE

- buy something for my bike

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