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Looking after ourselves

Community Elder

My fitness journey

The journey has begun. Today I joined a gym and bought some clothes to train in. I want to slim down and prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes. I thought I’d start a thread for my journey and start posting about the journey. Hopefully it will see an improvement in my mental health too due to all those feel good chemicals.


So, this is Day 1... I’m nervous but excited at the same time.

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Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie  Good on you Queenie.  I have given up all junk food and go for walks. Haven't done my yoga for awhile but that is okay as I like for vary my exercise PLUS I am drinking heaps of water which can only do me good. I am off for a walk today with loads of sunscreen on and a hat Smiley Happy PLUS since I have been doing this I have lost some weight Yay!!! I wish you well on your weight loss journey Smiley Happy

Re: My fitness journey

Fantastic @Queenie that does sound exciting!


My ny's resolution was to do more exercise, I've been hiking & walking and doing short workouts at home so I'm pretty happy with myself. I'm trying to do a 5km walk this arvo.


I have no idea what to do in a gym but I've only heard good things about it, how good it is to build your muscles bigger with reps for fitness & health.

Are you going to have an intro session/trainer or are you going to go to classes?

Re: My fitness journey

I have my next PT session on Tuesday. There’s loads of paperwork to do before I receive my keypass. Exciting! Friday (tomorrow) I am doing water running which uses the water as resistance.

Re: My fitness journey

Awesome @Queenie , sounds like you're really getting stuck into it. water running sounds super energetic, have fun! good luck with the paperwork.

I've done a 5km walk today and tomorrow morning aim to do a short workout

Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie @BryanaCamp  this is going to be a wonderful thread Queenie Smiley Happy I went to the chemist yesterday and bought  slim shakes which have a 5 star rating Australian owned and has all natural ingredients. Woke up this morning and for the first time in a long time had a flat stomach!! will be using the shakes twice a day. Will let you all know how I go with them. Am going to lay off the musaeli as I think it makes me bloat. I hate that bloating feeling it is awful. Museli will be hard to give up but will do it to lose the weight.

Re: My fitness journey

Wow @greenpea  way to go! I’m glad you’re on this journey with me. Those shakes, do they actually taste good? I’ve switched to three tablespoons of low fat yogurt and fruit in the morning. Lasts me until lunch!

Re: My fitness journey

flat stomach - can't remember when I last had that @greenpea , well done!


how was your water workout @Queenie ?


I missed my workout this morning as I had family commitments & didn't get up early enough but did a bit of walking instead, my goal for tomorrow morning is to actually do my workout!

Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie  Hi Queenie yes the shakes  am using (banana is the one  am on now will try other flavours later) tastes like banana!  like bananas ). Yoghurt and fruit is delicious  should do that as afternoon snack!


Re: My fitness journey

@BryanaCamp  Hey BryanaCamp I know what you mean about flat stomachs that is why  flipped when  saw it )). i went for a walk with daughter to cafe and back yesterday which was nice. Hope you get your workout done today )

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