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An Update From Me

Hi there friends!

It's been a little while since I was last a regular contributor of the forums, I thought I'd better do a little bit of an update to catch y'all up to where I'm currently at.


As you all know, I graduated from Dip. Community Services late last year, followed by a stint in hospital for about a month where my antipsychotic medications were altered and I was put voluntarily on a new depot injection. This has worked well and I am now voice free since December.

I've had another stint in respite in order to curb depression and the ol' black dog (put him back in his kennel so to speak). It was only for a week and it allowed me to refresh and regroup. Now my mental health is once again considered 'stable'. 

I've started my next course Dip. Youth Work with the same institution as my previous diploma. I am really enjoying it so far but, as it's an external course by distance education this time, I am finding it difficult to keep motivated and on track each day. It's something I really must strive to be better at.

After struggling with my fitness and overall health, I rejoined another gym. I still see an exercise physiologist under the NDIS funding to work on exercises I CAN actually do (especially with last year's diagnosis of spinal arthritis). I joined another gym with a pool so I can exercise more frequently and in my own time. I have had small gains thus far with my health with my snoring a little better than it was previously (I have obstructive sleep apnoea due to being out of shape). I also found out my blood glucose levels have dropped to a healthy range, so it looks like I won the battle so far and not developed type 2 diabetes, despite being on the borderline for quite some time. I now exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour most days. Even if it is a brisk walk around the local park, it is still doing me good I figure!

I've managed to make some lovely new friends through hospital stays which really understand and together we offer each other mutual support. We are all going on a holiday (a cruise) in October. Should be heaps of fun with some very good company!


Well, that's about me updated! Even though I don't always reply, I do read lots of posts here still (so please don't think I've run away). I'm often on my phone these days instead of tablet or laptop (although I am on the laptop right now) and I am not the best in the world at typing with a touchscreen. It takes me sometimes 20 minutes to type a few sentences when I'm on my phone! - Yes I am a terrible texter! Smiley LOL

The people of this forum are never far from my thoughts!




Re: An Update From Me

That was such a wonderful update to read @Queenie You have done a lot and come so far and it is a joy to hear. It is also lovely to hear you have met some people you not only get along with but understand - and to be going on a cruise together will be a well deserved break for you come October. Goodluck with the new studies - I have no doubt you will do just as well as you did with your Community Services Diploma. Such fantastic news to hear all around - very happy for you Hon Heart

Re: An Update From Me

Thank you @Zoe7 , it's been a journey with many twists and turns, but I've learned that the road to recovery isn't linear, it ducks and dives with new challenges and rewards at every turn! The key is acceptance - to accept yourself as you are and accept your situation and circumstances - it goes a long way towards the healing process.

It's interesting, my Mrs still thinks I'm having a bad day if I pop my headphones on and have a listen to some tunes... not so! I'm simply indulging in my love of music. She almost panics if I start listening to some music and starts going "Are you okay?" "What's happening for you?" It's nice that she cares! Heart

Re: An Update From Me

It is nice that she cares @Queenie and it seems like things with her are better now also/ It certainly has been a rocky road for you but you are not only doing it now but in a very positive way. Again - so happy for you - you have come such a long way Smiley Very Happy


Yes acceptance is huge - sometimes that is all we can do - especially in the face of so much adversity - accept that things are as they are and strive to improve ourselves within that sceanrio ...again - you are doing that with absolute grace and dignity Heart

Re: An Update From Me

lovely to hear from you @Queenie thanks for the update, im so glad some positive things are happening for you Smiley Happy

Re: An Update From Me

Thank you @outlander for your reply, I was really wondering whether to post an update. I figured if I shared my story, it might provide hope for others in similar situations. 
I am pleased to report as another Australia Day and birthday approaches, this year is the first in over a decade I don't feel suicidal. I even had the sudden death of a friend I've known for a very long time and although I feel saddened, I'm not depressed.


Re: An Update From Me

Im glad you shared @Queenie 💌 many people hesitate to share the good things but its really good to read these things and share the joy with you. Its great to read that your not suicidal either 🙏🙏
Im so sorry to hear about your friend though ❤

Re: An Update From Me

@Queenie 💕

Re: An Update From Me

Hi @Queenie  great to hear from you.  I had noticed you weren't around.  Really happy to hear of the progress you've made and that you're looking forward to good things.  Take care xx

Re: An Update From Me

ohhhhhhhhh @Queenie lovely to hear from you my friend xoxo

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