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Senior Contributor


Well I'm finally home (again).
4 hospital stays in 91 days. Wow. No wonder it feels so strange to be in my own house again. Adjusting will take time. Cooking for myself will take time.
My house is in the same condition in which I left it. A pigsty. So no one room has warmth and charm to lift my mood. Will have to slowly start cleaning up - one room at a time.
I did go and watch my son play soccer in the finals. I'd been so sick this year - thst it was the first game I had been to all year. His team lost. But they play again next week. So still stand a chance of playing the grand final.
My son is still living with my mum. Has been since the end of April. Hopefully he will see how much I've improved on my new anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. Then he may choose to come home soon.
Was up and doing the washing early this morning. But now reading a book in bed.
Am very bored. But have AA Meeting tomorrow night.
And I have my WorkCover IME (independent Medical Examination) - psych interview with a tough psychiatric on the 30th of this month. Think it could be on Wednesday. And then I have my much waited for Psychologist appointment. Can't see him when I'm in hospital (too far away).
So that's it for now. A new thread for a new beginning.
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Community Elder


Hey @utopia - a new thread - a new beginning. It will take some adjustment after being away for a while. I'm excited to hear about the changes you will make in your life. Wishing you all the best. Be gentle on yourself.



im glad you home now @utopia

just take your time, do things steadily.

all of this is sounding really positive. well done to you, youve certainly had a rough time of it but it seems like its paying off for you.

i hope things continue to improve for you

to new beginnings!


Senior Contributor


Welcome home @utopia

A new beginning for you hon. I am just waiting at the drs, I am not feeling too well physically. Hope it is nothing serious.
Senior Contributor


I hope you are okay @oceangirl. Keep us informed. ♥
Senior Contributor


Will do @utopia. The like function is not working from my mobile @NikNik

Senior Contributor


I am still waiting hopefully not much longer @utopia
Senior Contributor


I am at home, i have an ear infection and my ears where completely blocked.



@utopia see above msg


Hugs @utopia ....

Glad that's all it was @oceangirl .... and is fairly easily treatable ....


Feeling exhausted tonight .... headed to bed early.

G'night 😴💕

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