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Casual Contributor

Light therapy for bipolar depression

Obviously getting desperate but have read about light therapy and it’s usefulness. Has anyone had any experience with this??

Thanks in anticipation of replies.


Re: Light therapy for bipolar depression

@Chlova, I haven't heard of it, but, will have to do some research.  I have bipolar 2. 


I thought maybe the Coping Box thread might assist you a little.  


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy

Re: Light therapy for bipolar depression

Hi @Chlova 

I believe that there's evidence in support of blue light therapy, though my pdoc told me that you have to start small because there have been cases where it's flipped people from down to up. You'd have to get medical advice to confirm that though. I tried it and couldn't tell tbh, but good luck Smiley Happy

Re: Light therapy for bipolar depression

Hello @Chlova  great convo to open up! It's quite possible someone from the community may be able to provide some insight from their own experience. How are you travelling with everything at the moment?

Re: Light therapy for bipolar depression

I have not heard of it. Fellow Bi polar two sufferer.

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