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Stockpiling money and bipolar two

I know that spending money excessively is a sign of bipolar one. I have found that I am the opposite I save every penny. Well I spend some money. Of couse I have to pay bills, for my children, for food, for a gym membership, to maintain a car etc etc. I save it for a rainy day. I don't like being without money. Now this may come from my childhood when there was no excess money, it all had ot be budgeted for. Or it could be a symptom of bipolar two. Please share your bipolar two experiences. Thanks. 


Re: Stockpiling money and bipolar two

Hey @asdf  thanks so much for this discussion I think it's a really solid thought to consider. It's so good that you're able to self reflect, & you think this may be relevant to your own childhood. I certainly wouldn't mind having a financially savvy mind and saving a few pennies, this is a good skill! I know Bipolar 2 has a lot of varying outputs, in regards to spending I am really keen to hear what the community says as well.


thanks heaps for starting this convo!

Re: Stockpiling money and bipolar two

I was raised, "waste not, want not," on the one hand but also taught to be generous & enjoy life on the other. I don't think mental illness is any excuse to be stingy. If you can afford to spend on things that improve quality of life then do it. Poverty is depressing and limiting so I don't think it's a good idea to inflict it on your kids if it isn't necessary to.

Re: Stockpiling money and bipolar two

Hi @asdf 🙂 I don't have experience with this but wanted to echo nashy's comment above about how I think it is a great skill to be able to manage money in a way that allows you what you need while saving. I've had lots of rainy days that would have been easier if I'd had some money put aside. I'm sure my kids would have found those days easier if we'd had that too.

I think it's also a great life lesson for your kids, to show them the difference between 'needs' and 'wants'. I don't see that as stingy at all but instead see it as really quite sensible.

I'm interetsed in hearing whether this is something that bothers you or whether it's more something you're reflecting on to understand or try and work out?

Hopefully others will come by and share some of their experiences 🙂

Re: Stockpiling money and bipolar two

@CheerBear I was just wondering if it was a BP thing or not? It appears it is not. 

Re: Stockpiling money and bipolar two

I'm sorry I don't have much knowledge or experience with this @asdf. Have you mentioned it to any health professionals (psych, GP etc.)?

Re: Stockpiling money and bipolar two

Nope. I am guessing it's a personality trait and not to do with bipolar2. 

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