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New Contributor


I have suffered with bipolar for almost 20 years and almost no one knows. This week has been hard listening to other people's stories. Today I spent the afternoon at Melbourne zoo with my 19 year old daughter. What a balm for the soul. There is always a bigger picture. Hopefully there is always someone who gets you and knows how to bring you joy.. What a hard week with a beautiful finish. I feel blessed- and that doesn't come often.

Re: Bipolar

Getting close to nature is always good for the "soul"....
Have been thinking of getting to Sydney soon to go to Zoo there with my camera....

Re: Bipolar

Hi @Kylieo


I'm so glad you found an activity that improved your week.

What other tips would you give people to manage tough weeks?


PS: I love the zoo.. in particular the wombats Smiley Very Happy

Re: Bipolar

Maybe just a walk on the beach on a sunny day....a hot chocolate on a cold....
Hot showers or better just lay in the bath with your magazine or paper and suck on a paddle pop....why be normal... That's boring ;-))

Meditation watching clouds in the sky ....stars at night and howling at the moon...not recommended when the neighbours are looking
Playing a harmonica ( they are small just put in the glove box or in your pocket
Some music is very relaxing usually light classical though some abstract modern is good to

Re: Bipolar

I hide it too

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