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Through One's Eyes

I have started this new thread for others to share and enjoy The World of Art. The title is a reflection on the many different views and ways of seeing art that is very subjective to the viewer. 

Anyone can share a piece they have produced, are working on or would like to one day 'get around to doing'.

Many 'forumites' use art as a form of therapy or grounding/coping strategies - so please also share your experiences of these also.

It is also a place to discuss what people like, dislike are drawn to and the feelings ellicited from producing and viewing any pieces.

Feel free to add images or topics of discussion and enjoy the wonderful world that we can share through Art.

@Faith-and-Hope @Former-Member

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Re: Through One's Eyes

Oh @Zoe7 this is absolutely perfect.  Thank you.  🌹

Re: Through One's Eyes

What a lovely idea. Art is a beautiful way to express real emotions. For me, its about the process. I enjoy photography, making digital artistic creations, but most of art is composing and recording music. I have such a rich tapestry in my mind-a canvas unfulfilled and colourful. I see powerful imagery as I write, and imagine the instrumentation I might like to use. For me, I love the piano-its such an expressive instrument, so most of my pieces are piano driven. Ahh...but there's a grand orchestral arrangement waiting in the wings, a solo cello or violin, or lush synthesisers to create a mood...there I go again...I don't know whether I can post a song or two here, but failing that I'll share some art here and there. Healing my trauma through art is powerful for me. Each time I create I now overcome a terrible trauma when my father burned every piece of art that I'd made when I was 16 years of age because I had to be taken in by a foster family. Now my art is my place of power! 

PS: How do I add images here?

Re: Through One's Eyes

@Jek If you are using a PC then click on the little rectangle mountain image at the top of the reply box - you can then import an image from your own library or from anywhere else - there are size limits on images so the less MB the better.

If you are on a phone - I don't know - ask @Faith-and-Hope ... she may be able to help with that one.

There is also a thread in Enjoying Time With Others called Musical Stuff you might like to check out.

Re: Through One's Eyes

I am not clued up on how to upload images from a phone .... I have heard @Former-Member give instructions for an Android phone, but that is not what I have .... 

I think it is that you enter the site from the main page, then there is a drop-down box in the top right (?) corner where you ask for the desktop version .... and follow prompts from there ....?

Anyway ... if that's all wrong, someone will ROGL 😋 .... and correct me .... no doubt ....

@Zoe7 @Jek

Re: Through One's Eyes


Re: Through One's Eyes

What is Art?

It is the freedom to visually express what is from within one's soul.

@Faith-and-Hope @Jek @Former-Member

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Re: Through One's Eyes

@Zoe7  Beautiful quote Zoe

It is imagination, inspiration, emotion, perspective .. and to go deeper, it is our personal connection with the universe. 

But why spoil it with that Smiley Tongue      Art is just....  well....   art, too.   💝

Re: Through One's Eyes

Art is visual poetry .... 🌿🌷💗💕

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Re: Through One's Eyes

I created this, to express what I feel about the art.  A synthetic expression of 'art' because I lack the ability to visually express myself originally.  I borrowed from the net to create something that represents my feelings about it.  I hope it is ok to post it here. 


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