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  • Author : Zoe7
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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There is one thing that I have learnt across my lifetime Hon and that is that pain is pain - it does not matter how much weight you put on it yoourself - if it is affecting you then it matters. No one person has a monopoly on that pain or even frustration - we all process things, cope with things and feel things differently. What one person may seem as an annoyance another may feel totally consumed by - therefore what each and everyone of us feels ...and how we feel it is not only unique to us as individuals but also very real. 


You never have to hold back becuse you think others are in more pain or need support more - we are all here for each other and that is the power of the forum - to hold each other up, to recognise that someone's difficulties are not only real but intrusive in their lives, to acknowledge that life is difficult or challenging for whatever someone is going through.


Everyone has the right to be heard, to gain that support and to feel that they matter in any context or any in any situation. There is a lot of pain around here at the moment but that is also what binds us together as a community Hon - and you are so very much a part of this community and both you and what you are going through really does matter.

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