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@nashyThis is a good question! The life of a parent can be a busy and demanding one! You can be juggling so many potential stressors all at once. These could include work, family commitments, finances, and keeping up with your child’s school routine and social activities. All this on top of trying to look after your own mental health. Things can understandably become overwhelming at times, and our needs can be the first to hit the backburner. For so many parents, striking that balance between meeting your needs, as well as families, can be difficult. Try to take notice when you are starting to feel overwhelmed (don’t wait till you’re there!), and consider what you need to help self-care. This could be catching up on some shut eye for 30 minutes, taking a quiet moment to read a book, or finding an hour each week to catch up with a friend for coffee. The trick is to to start out small, and make it doable in your current routine.

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