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The great yoga adventure

Hi all,

So...somehow I seem to have made myself a deal with @CheerBear that we are both going to venture into the super scary world of yoga next Monday. I'm SCARED!!!! I've been trying to psych myself up to go to a class for about a year and now thanks to a pesky little care bear, it seems like it is going to happen next Monday.

I have my mat and my outfit (and thanks to @Lunar and @Rockpool I know to wear underpants under yoga pants Smiley LOL). Now I just need to find some courage. Hmmm...courage...I'm sure I have some here SOMEWHERE in my shell... Smiley Happy

Only six sleeps away. This sounds way too close. Yep, this little turtle is going to need to do some serious psyching up before next Monday!!! All encouragement is warmly welcome.

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Re: The great yoga adventure

I found myself wearing my cheer gear for you @Phoenix_Rising Smiley Very Happy


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I am about to head out to find myself some yoga gear. This part seems more scary to me than the actual class part but maybe that's because this is actually now and that is later. I'm actually really nervous about needing to work this one but the idea that you have your stuff ready to go has pushed me into needing to get mine too. I got the whole no shoes thing. My next silly question is socks?! I can imagine they might slip around but no socks seems so cold. I'm so glad we can both feel silly together. I feel less silly knowing you're going through it too. 


We've got this! 

Re: The great yoga adventure

@CheerBear@Phoenix_Rising - this is how I'm picturing you



Used to enjoy gymming it but now tend to do my own thing - lots of walking and working out to videos at home.

Re: The great yoga adventure

@soul Well I can tell you my yoga outfit is not nearly that bright!!! I'm aiming to look as non-yoga-ish as possible. Smiley LOL

@CheerBear I was wondering about socks too. I agree that socks seem slippery and non-socks seem cold. On the website of the place I'm going to there are pictures and the people don't have socks on. I'm going to make sure I wear matching socks without any holes though, just in case. Smiley Happy

See, we need a yoga expert to guide us @CheerBear! Hey @Lunar do people wear socks in a yoga class???

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Re: The great yoga adventure

@aButterfly is a yoga expert Smiley Happy
I used to do pilates and loved that. yoga sounds like a great adventure though good luck!

Re: The great yoga adventure

I'm glad you were wondering about socks too @Phoenix_Rising. The pictures I've seen this afternoon are people sockless so I guess cold feet is the way to do it :/

My shopping adventure was as full on as I thought I would be. I got some pants which is good but all the tops had either big giant words about fitness stuff on the front, or they were covered in flowers. I fell into a mega heap in the change room being able to see on my body where the scones have settled and decided that half way there with the clothes will have to do for now. It's halfway closer than it was yesterday at least Smiley Happy

Maybe I can get some of those amazing legwarmers in @soul 's outfit to help with the cold Smiley Tongue

Re: The great yoga adventure

I think the consensus is no socks. The people I see walking into and out of the yoga studio near me are wearing thongs (as in footwear) not the other thongs 😆

Re: The great yoga adventure

@CheerBear Yay, half-way there!!! Yeah, I'm happy with my choice to go with a top from the men's department. It is a nice simple blue top and the sleeves are long enough for me to feel ok. I am wondering if I should wear a singlet underneath and tuck that into my pants because I am self-conscious of the top riding up when I bend over. I can't decide if that will be too hot though. I guess we are actually going to warm up while we and thus won't notice our cold feet. So long as we get cold feet IN the class and not BEFORE the class. I think I probably will get cold feet...but I will make them take me into the class anyway. Smiley Happy

Re: The great yoga adventure

I think I'm going to wear a singlet under my singlet or top too, because I'm worried about the same thing @Phoenix_Rising. I'm definitely going to have to get changed there because it's way to cold to be walking around in thongs (even if it's just from the car).

Re: The great yoga adventure

@CheerBear@Phoenix_Rising - which one is you?

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